Meet the Team 



Dr Avron Woolf BVSc.


Avron graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2004 and has worked in small animal practice in Melbourne and Geelong. In 2010 Avron opened Hallam Park Animal Hospital. He has a passion for small animal surgery both soft tissue and orthopaedics and a strong interest in medicine. He has a cat Percy and is looking to adopt a greyhound from GAP.


Dr Melody Hui BSc. DVM


Melody graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2014. Her veterinary interests are all aspects of small animal medicine and rabbits. Melody has two  Jack Russell crosses called Latte and Mocha. She also has a Flemish Giant X rabbit called Tugie. Outside of work she enjoys playing piano, flute and the drums and going on road trips with her family. 

Dr Martin Hines BSc. DVM


Martin graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2016 . He is particularly interesterd in small animal medicine. He has two furry pets at home: Lilly, a domestic short hair cat and Alli, a domestic long hair. His interests outside of veterinary science are snowboarding, video games, tennis and cheese.

Chris Gallagher

  Practice Manager

In addition to managing the practice, Chris has started his certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing. Chris comes from a strong retail management background and opened and managed a large pet department store in 2008. Chris teamed up with Avron in 2010 to open Hallam Park Animal Hospital. In 2018 Chris completed a Diploma in human nutrition. Chris has two geriatric cats Madison and Strubby. Strubby is well controlled diabetic. He also has a bearded dragon called Argent. His veterinary interests include client advice, pet nutrition and dentals. In his spare time Chris enjoys camping and buying random items from ebay.


Tara Moore

  Vet Nurse

Tara started veterinary nursing in 2014 and completed her certificate 4 in veterinary nursing in 2017. Tara loves all animals and absolutely loves her job. Tara has a beautiful Labrador called Sebastian and two cats called Sock and Brutus. Outside of work Tara enjoys going to the football and is a die-hard Melbourne supporter. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and her animals. Tara's dream was to one day work in a small family orientated clinic... She landed her dream job here at Hallam Park Animal Hospital




  "C"linic "C"at - Owns the Clinic

CC arrived as a tiny kitten the size of your palm, found under a factory in Hallam. She was riddled in fleas and dirt and in need of some love and a home. CC's main interest is in the patches of sun in reception and sleeping on the backs of dogs recovering from surgery. As a young cat her sole purpose in life was to escape the front door of the clinic and run to her second home at the Hallam Park Cattery. She also enjoyed chewing through bags of pet food for sale on the shelves and was terrified of dogs. These days her interests are more typical with clinic cats around Australia and involve being grumpy and not handled. She overcame her fear of dogs and now fears rodents and hates other cats. She enjoys making herself comfy on the food shelves and pouncing on small dogs.





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