Veterinary Consultations

Make an appointment to come in and discuss your animal’s health and behaviour with any of our experienced Veterinarians. They will thoroughly examine your animal, and make use of blood tests, X-rays and ultrasounds to gain the information to keep your pet healthy. Ours vets regularly attend educational seminars and courses to keep informed of the latest techniques.


Annual disease vaccination is recommended. More importantly the visit includes a thorough health check to ensure that your pet is in top shape.

Flea and Worming

Fleas and Worms are an unfortunate part of all cats’ and dogs’ lives, and they can be more than just a discomfort. They can lead to serious health problems unless quickly and regularly addressed. With Flea treatments you must kill the existing fleas as well as break the flea breeding cycle. Some flea treatments for dogs can be toxic to cats. Worms can be basically divided into two main groups: Intestinal worms (hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms and roundworms), and Heartworms. We can provide advice and treatment for all parasite control.


Spaying or neutering your pet is an important decision for pet owners. As animal lovers who value our pets, it is important to understand the impact of this decision. Desexing your pet is important part of being a responsible pet owner.


We can perform a broad range of small animal surgery, from ruptured cruciate ligament repair to tonsillectomy in a modern, well equipped veterinary theatre. You can rely on our skilled veterinarians and well trained nursing staff. We also have access to a trusted network of specialist support when necessary.

Dental Care

Dental disease is very common in domestic pets, often leading to pain, bad breath, loss of appetite and spread of infection through the body. We perform routine dental procedures required from thorough cleaning and polishing through to tooth extractions. Healthy teeth are vital to the general health and well being of any animal.

Dietary Advice

In the same way that obesity causes problems for humans, obesity of pets is a leading cause of major health worries. High blood pressure, sugar diabetes, arthritis and urinary diseases are all closely associated with obesity.

We can tailor an eating plan to maintain your pet’s optimum weight. Your pet will have regular weigh-ins on our veterinary scales with support and motivation from our staff to keep your friend healthy.

You are welcome to bring your pet into the Clinic to weigh her/him on our scales and at no charge.

Premium Food

Exclusive premium food and prescription veterinary diets for the best nutrition available. Ask our staff for the right food for your pet.

Insurance Advice

We recommend that every dog is insured. Due to the recent advances in veterinary medicine we have more and more specialised equipment and treatments available for ill pets. This is great for your pets because we have more ways of keeping them healthy for longer. Unfortunately this modern veterinary medicine comes at a cost and if an animal becomes ill many people struggle to afford the best treatment. If your dog is insured then you have peace of mind knowing that you can pay for the very best treatment when it is needed.

X rays and Ultrasound

We have the equipment for in-Clinic investigations. With the use of both x-ray and ultrasound to help us gain information to keep your pet healthy.

Laboratory Testing

We have an in-house laboratory which includes biochemical and haematological analysis. These provide quality, rapid results allowing efficient diagnosis and treatment of your pet. Lumps can be tested in-house through a fine needle aspirate and in the majority of cases a diagnosis can be made within the consultation time.

Friendly Advice

Feel free to call or come in to chat to our qualified nursing staff for good ideas on pet care or for a particular problem

Need an appointment?

Please call the vet clinic on (03) 8786 3900
After hours this number will be diverted through to one of our vets.

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